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Current Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
1h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
6h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
24h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
Last Hour Earnings: 0.00000000 Grimm
Last Day Earnings: 0.00000000 Grimm
Last 7 Days Earnings: 0.00000000 Grimm
Last 30 Days Earnings: 0.00000000 Grimm
Total shares accepted: 81,920
Invalid shares (24h): 0
Workers statistics

You have no separate workers defined.
You can add them with the following syntax: public_user_key.worker in your miner configuration.
Please use a maximum of 10 characters for the workers name.

Balance & Withdraw
Available balance: 101.41066191 Grimm
Unconfirmed balance: 0.00000000 Grimm
Total paid: 0.00000000 Grimm
API LINK: [miner-balances]

To request a balance transfer to your personal wallet please provide your private key:

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Last 30 blocks you have shares on
Block Worker Time Distributed Share
1041873 YES10.74690265 GRIMM
1041870 YES10.06408839 GRIMM
1041869 YES10.04189636 GRIMM
1041867 maxmin YES8.58647392 GRIMM
1041866 YES7.74361759 GRIMM
1041865 maxmin YES7.44278606 GRIMM
1041864 maxmin YES6.71565856 GRIMM
1041861 YES1.38542274 GRIMM
1041845 YES2.55072463 GRIMM
1041844 YES3.76943416 GRIMM
1041836 YES4.26954177 GRIMM
1041835 YES4.41471571 GRIMM
1041834 YES4.43449048 GRIMM
1041832 YES0.50801796 GRIMM
1027541 YES0.38285530 GRIMM
1027540 YES0.38558909 GRIMM
1027539 YES0.39040420 GRIMM
1027538 YES0.39324726 GRIMM
1027537 YES0.39337748 GRIMM
1027534 YES1.16356513 GRIMM
1027529 YES1.90646492 GRIMM
1027526 YES2.18010224 GRIMM
1027525 YES2.21848739 GRIMM
1027524 YES2.23909531 GRIMM
1027523 YES2.33137089 GRIMM
1027521 YES2.42096069 GRIMM
EXPORT LINK: [miner-all-block-shares]

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