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Why can't I use a Grimm never expiring address as on other pools?

The public-private keys system of Sunpool has several advantages:

- you can withdraw to any different address each time (different wallets or exchanges for example)
- on other pools if someone knows your address he can request a withdraw on your behalf any time, regardless if your wallet is online or not. I also heard some pools push payouts to your address randomly and expect you to have the wallet permanently online. That lack of control seems unaceptable to me.
- reusing addresses can be a privacy concern. Sunpool system doesn't need a non-expiring address
- you don't have to worry if you lost your non-expiring address somehow. You are always in control of your pool withdraws with your private key.

The above are the reasons Sunpool is using public-private keys.
The keys are very easy to use and generate from the pool homepage.

I am mining for a few hours and my balance is not increasing. Why?

Sunpool uses PPLNS payment system for calculating miners rewards.
This system will better reward long term miners who stay on the pool longer. Your balance will increase as soon as we find a block. Sometimes many hours pass between blocks. This is normal and won't affect your income on the long term, if you don't hop pools. The worst time to jump off a PPLNS pool is after a slow period when blocks are rare because you will miss the next period when luck invariably returns.

More information about the PPLNS system can be found here:

Pool has not found a block for many hours. Is there any problem?

It's no problem, the pool is working fine.
Finding blocks is probabilistic. If a block is found earlier than statistical average, the pool is lucky. If it takes longer, the pool is unlucky. Over the long term the luck will average out. Without network difficulty fluctuations and with perfect luck, a block is found at 100% round value. Less than 100% means pool was lucky. More than 100% means pool was unlucky.

Long rounds of 200-300% or even more than 500% are perfectly normal and do appear from time to time. There is nothing that can be done about that as they are mathematically and statistically bound to happen on any pool.

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